Drain Cleaning/Unclogging

Clogged drain issue? From your downstairs laundry drain to your upstairs kitchen sink Celtic Plumbing`s licensed professionals can handle any clogged drain issue you may be experiencing. One of the most problematic lines in any home or business is your main sewer line, because all your lines eventually lead to the main line. All of your fixtures are affected in the event that your main line becomes plugged or blocked.

Faucets & Sinks

Aside from causing a mess and the annoying noise that accompanies a leaky faucet, there is potential for severe damage to your home or business when a leaking faucet or sink goes unattended. Regardless of whether it is a simple fix or in the event that you have to replace an appliance Celtic Plumbing`s licensed professionals can handle it.


Whether it’s a clogged toilet, a simple fix like a new flush valve or an upgrade to a newer more efficient toilet call Celtic Plumbing. Our team can give you all the options on how to best repair or replace any plumbing concerns you may have with your toilet.

Tubs & Showers

Looking to upgrade or remodel your bathroom? Celtic Plumbing has multiple options for bathtubs including fiberglass, cast iron and steel tubs, plus many options if your looking to upgrade or install a shower.

Water Lines & Piping

At one point or another every home will have a leak in their waterline. Rest assured that our plumbers will locate the area quickly and assess if repair or replacement is necessary. If it is determined that the line needs to be replaced Celtic Plumbing will do so with minimal disruption to your landscaping. Installing a new fridge or dishwasher, we can re-run water lines to any new appliance.

Garbage Disposals

If broken down, garbage disposals can become extremely inconvenient, not to mention the unpleasant smell that usually accompanies a broken down disposal. Celtic Plumbing`s professionals are trained in the plumbing system to ensure your disposal is fixed quickly and properly. Regular maintenance on your disposal to reduce the cost of repairs is always a good idea. Having yearly maintenance checkups is one of the best things you can do if you rely heavily on disposal.

Water Softners

We install Nuvo H20 water conditioning systems instead of conventional water softeners. Three reasons why:
• They don’t waste water
• They don’t waste electricity
• They don’t use salt which is harmful to the waste treatment plants

Gas & Electric Water Heaters

Celtic plumbing will install your new water heater and remove your old. Let our professionals help you pick out the best water heater for your home. Gas water heaters are one of the most effective ways of supplying your home or business with hot water. The efficiency of these units will be saving you money by keeping your energy cost low throughout the year. The operating cost of an electric water heater may be more than that of a gas, but they are extremely reliable with minimal parts to wear out and break. If natural gas is not an option for you electricity is one of the only options.

Tankless Water Heaters

A new generation of tankless water heaters is a big hit with customers right now. Using less metal and plastic at the manufacturing stage, and giving off less pollution these are considered a “green” or eco-friendly alternative. These traditionally cost more than their tank-type counterparts but your home will have an endless supply of hot water.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Saving you time and money sewer camera inspections can save you from having to have your entire sewer line dug up, and are a great alternative to the use of heavy equipment. These camera`s allow us to see if there is just blockage in your sewer line or if there is a major problem.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Tree roots, ground water, shifting Earth and other things can all affect your drain lines. Celtic Plumbing will locate the affected area and dig down to address the repairs needed. More effective than clearing your line year after year is to replace the sewer line. A sewer line that has gone unaddressed can result in sewage back up into your home.

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